Partanna stands at 414m asl, between the Modione and Belice valleys, in the province of Trapani. It has a population of about 12,000.

Probably founded by Greek colonists, it developed around a castle and a tower, the latter then transformed into the bell-tower of the cityís mother church. It was long ruled by the Graffeo family and, later, by Giovanni Vincenzo Tagliavia and the Pignatelli family.

The Castello, built in the Norman age, undergoing several changes throughout the centuries, is one of the cityís most attractive buildings.

The 1600ís Chiesa Madre is dedicated to Santa Maria della Catena. It was largely rebuilt after the 1968ís earthquake. Inside, it is richly decorated with stuccoes, baroque paintings and a 1600ís wooden carved choirstall. The 1700ís Chiesa di San Francesco is also worth-seeing.