Rosolini stands at 154m asl in the province of Siracusa and has a population of nearly 22,000.

The farming activities have been a major resource, the town being surrounded with huge groves planted with citrus fruit, almond, olive and carob.

Rosolini was founded in 1713 by Francesco Moncada Prince of Larderia who was entrusted the fief of Rosolini following his marriage to Eleonora Platamone.

A large ancient cemetery at the Stafenna district, within the Cava Grande di Rosolini area, is much interesting.

The Chiesa Madre built between the 18th and 19th century, dedicated to the Anime Purganti, the Fontana dei Tritoni on Piazza Masaniello and the Castello dei Platamone are the town’s main attractions.