Ferla stands at 556m asl in the Siracusa province and counts just over 3.100 inhabitants. It suffered the heavy ravages of 1693 earthquake, what needed an extensive and long reconstruction. Medieval features are still visible in the town’ urban plan, laid out on a regular grid of streets, and in the Moorish-like part of town, south of the present-day centre.

The Mother Church, rebuilt after the quake, is dedicated to San Giacomo Maggiore Apostolo.

The Chiesa di San Sebastiano is the most attractive religious building in Ferla. This, also destroyed by the quake, originates from a 1400’s original fabric. It has an imposing façade dating from the 1700s; its interior is divided into three naves housing various chapels and works of art, like a 1600’s wooden statue representing the Immaculate and a 1700’s painting depicting The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian.

A mention also goes to the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio featuring some baroque influences and the Chiesa di Santa Maria del Gesù guarding a fine 1600’s wooden Crucifix.