Stretching from Scoglitti to Pozzallo, the Ragusan coastline, about 50 kilometres long, features diverse landscapes and characteristics, alternating sandy beaches, low cliffs, fishing villages and renowned tourism resorts. Since the 1970s, tourism has been a major resource for the province. The construction of numerous accomodation facilities, notably over the past decade, boosted the tourist influx, although their effects on the environment have been sometimes not very enchanting. A case in point is Marina di Modica, where a five-floors ruined hotel remained incomplete have been lying for decades on the rocky cleef at few meters from the sea. Nevertheless a policy of environment protection has started in the past years that led to the designation of protected areas and natural reserves, such as that by the mouth of the Irminio River, providing a splendid naturalistic landscape.

The beaches of the province, with their finest golden sand, are crowded in the summer. The coastal landscape is mostly comprised of the carob-groves and vineyards, that here find ideal conditions, and some swampy areas. Marina di Ragusa and Pozzallo, endowed with plenty of clubs, bars, and discos, are highly recommended for nightlife lovers, whereas Casuzze, Kaukana, Sampieri, Donnalucata, Marina di Modica, Cava d’Aliga and Scoglitti are more for people who want to spend a relaxing time. Amazing walks along the many sea-promenades and excursions in the hinterland can complete a perfect holiday. The late-spring and the early-autumn are also ideal periods for a peaceful vacation, when the mild climate of the coast still allows people to swim, surf or sunbathe.

Finally, both in summer and winter, everyone may enjoy the delicious food specialties, notably fish dishes, and the friendly hospitality of the many restaurants scattered along the coast.