The town of Vicari stands 700 asl nearby a flank of the Sant’Angelo Mount with a dominating position over the San Leonardo valley. It totals almost 3,400 inhabitants. In past times, it hosted a Lombard community come following the Norman conquest, and was a holding of the Chiaramontes and, later, the Bonannos, Princes of Cattolica.

Vicari visitors can admire the fine Castello, built by Count Roger and altered by Manfredi Chiaramonte in the 14th century. Unfortunately, it retains only remnants consisting of the ramparts and the walls of the Cappella di Santa Maria di Boycos. The Chiesa Madre dedicated to San Giorgio is of Norman origin. Inside, it preserves various works of art, such as a painting depicting Saint Rosalie by Pietro Novelli, a 1500’s marble statue representing the Madonna and Child and a marble altar-piece representing the Crucifixion, the Resurrection and Saints by Antonello Gagini.