Mezzojuso is a town of nearly 3,100 inhabitants, in the province of Palermo. It stands on the slopes of the La Brigna Hill at 534m a.s.l.

Settled by Albanian communities around the 1400s, it was long ruled by the Corvinos, Dukes of Villavaga. It has two Mother Churches: one, Norman in origin and dedicated to the Annunciation, is used by Roman Catholics; the other, dedicated to St. Nicholas and dating from the 16th century, is used by the Greek Catholics.

Mezzojuso has other interesting buildings like the 1500ís Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie, with an adjacent convent, that is used by Greek Catholics and preserves some fine medallions representing the Doctors of the Greek Catholic Church and the sarcophagus ofA. Reres, the founder of the convent in the 17th century.