Marineo is a town in the Palermo province standing at 531 m a.s.l. and counting nearly 6,700 inhabitants.

It was founded in 1553 by Francesco Beccadelli Bologna who in 1559 ordered the construction of a castle. A number of archaeologic discoveries at the Montagnola site seem to refer to settlements spanning a period going from the proto-Historical age to the 14th century.

The main buildings in town are the castle, above mentioned, and some churches.

The castle, perched atop a rocky spur, betrays the features of a noble country residence. After being abandoned, it underwent remarkable alterations in the 16th century.

The 1600’s Chiesa Madre is dedicated to San Ciro. This has also undergone changes, notably in the 19th century.

A final mention goes to the Convento Francescano or Santuario della Madonna della Dajna, housing a precious 1600’s statue representing San Vito and a 1500’s Pietà.