Lercara Friddi stretches between the slopes of the Pizzo Lanzone at about 660m altitude, on a hilly area that separates the Platani and Torto rivers. It was founded in 1605 by the Noble Spaniard Baldassarre Gomez de Amescua within the fief of Friddi. The subsequent lords of Lercara Friddi were Benedetto de Mayada, the Villalbas, the Ventimiglias, the Scamaccas and the Gravinas.

A remarkable economic growth was recorded in the 19th century thanks to the flourishing sulphur and other mining industries that sadly declined at the end of the Second World War much owed to a fierce competion from other Sicilian areas and lack of infrastructures.

The 1700ís Chiesa Madre dedicated to Saint Joseph with the adjacent Collegio di Maria, the 1700ís Chiesa di San Matteo or del Purgatorio, and several noble palazzi built between the 18th and 19th century are worth-visiting.