Giuliana is a small town of some 2,600 inhabitants located in the Palermo province, perched on a basaltic spur with a vertical drop over the Malotempo creek, at some 710m a.s.l.

The town birth certainly dates prior to the Arab occupation. It was provided with defensive walls that were demolished in the 19th century. Lords of the town were the Count Guglielmo Peralta, the Luna and Cardonna Families.

The visitors of Giuliana can enjoy the 1300’s Castle, thought to lie on an older fortification, comprised of two different buildings and a pentagonal tower, and surrounded by outer walls that enclose a church and a monastery both dedicated to the Holy Trinity. These were built in the 17th century by the Olivetan Benedictine Fathers of Santa Maria del Bosco.

The Chiesa Madre is the main religious building. Erected in the 14th century, it was successively demolished and rebuilt. It retains some precious pieces from other churches such as the late-Gothic portal from the former Chiesa di Sant’Antonino and stone panels from the old Duomo.

The town is endowed with charming naturalistic sites, the main being the Lake Gammauta area, an important water reserve comprised in the basin of the Sosio River.