Geraci Siculo is a town of the Palermo province standing at 1077m a.s.l. and counting nearly 2,400 inhabitants.

It was long dominated by the Arab, from 840 to the early 11th century. In 1072, it became the capital city of a county bearing its same name. Among the city counts there were the well-known Ventimiglias. In 1438, under Giovanni, one of the family members, the city became, earliest in Sicily, a Marquisate.

The main building is the Chiesa Madre dedicated to the Madonna della Neve. Much altered throughout the centuries, it houses a prized 1400ís painting depicting the Annunciation and a Treasure including reliquaries and chalices.

The Chiesa di Santo Stefano is of possible 1600ís origin. Especially renowned for the splendid baroque stuccoes that adorn its interior and a painting representing the Martyrdom of St. Stephen.

Other buildings deserve a mention such as the 1300ís Chiesa di SantíAnna Ė incorporated within the castle of which very few remains. The church is open only on 8 September for the celebration of the Virgin. The 1400ís Chiesa di Santa Maria la Porta, built on the site of an older building, is especially known for housing a 1400ís Byzantine fresco depicting the Virgin and Child; finally there is the 1400ís Collegio di Maria housing a small church.