Contessa Entellina is a charming town on the northern slopes of the Genuardo Mount, in the Palermo province. It was founded by a community of Greek-Albanians in the 14th century, near an ancient hamlet called Contessa. The second part of its name was added in the late-1800s deriving from the ancient Elymian town of Entella destroyed in the early 1200s by Frederick II.

The visit of the town can begin with the 1700ís Chiesa Madre dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Mira, featuring nave and aisles with side-chapels and dedicated to the Greek catholic rite. The Chiesa di Maria Santissima Immacolata e San Rocco of 1700ís origin, is also used by catholics of greek rite. The Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie delle Favare, dating from the 16th century, is used by Roman catholics.

In the city vicinity are other sites of particular interest, notably the Rocca Entella and the ruins of the Castello di Calatamauro. The Former is a rocky peak with a beautiful view over the valley of the Beliceís left stretch. Archaeological relics have been excavated at the site, earlier erroneously related to the Elymian city of Entella. The Castello was probably built in the Byzantine age and later conquered by Arabs and Aragonese. Today, it is reduced to a poorest condition and left abandoned.