Cinisi is a city located at few kilometres from Palermo at about 75m a.s.l. It has a population of nearly 9,000 inhabitants.

It originates from 1383 when the Benedectines from the Monastery of Santa Maria delle Scale were granted the fief of Cinisi.

The city is endowed with both naturalistic and cultural riches. The town is landmarked by a number of towers. The tower-castle, dating prior to the Benedictinesí arrival in town, was restored and converted by them into an abbey. Others lookout towers, set along the coast, date back to the second half of the 16th century.

The visit to Cinisiís attractions begins with the Chiesa Madre dedicated to the patron Santa Fara. This, dating from the 17th century, has a single nave embellished with polychrome marble decorations. It contains several works of art such as an altarpiece and a subterranean crypt with numerous tunnels and tombs.

Just off the town, is the 1700ís Santuario della Madonna del Furi, built near the creek of the same name where were reported miraculous apparitions of the Virgin. Other churches deserve a mention, notably the 1800ís Anime del Purgatorioís and SS. Sacramentoís, the latter with subterranean crypts that were restored of recent.

The coastline, mainly rocky, is as much interesting with spots of naturalistic importance and rich citrus groves. Other interesting naturalistic sites are provided by the Piano Margi, Piano Tavola and Bosco Santocanale districts.