Caltavuturo is a town of about 5,300 inhabitants, located near the Rocca di Sciarra district, in the province of Palermo. Its name etimologically derives from Rocca dell'Avvoltoio, meaning the ĎVulture Fortressí.

It preserves a number of fortifications. One of them is located by the Imera riverís upper valley, the site dating prior to the Arab occupation; west of this is a second fortification, the Fortezza di Sclafani. Both the fortresses were intended to protect the ancient Himera.

The city saw the Norman domination and, from the 15th century onwards, the rule of various noble families, the earliest being the Sclafanis, the latest the Toledos.

It is well worth to take a walk along the gracious city streets, that differ in both origin and features. In fact, the town has an older side, of 1500ís origin, and a newer, that lies in proximity to the Chiesa Madre.

This, dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, was built in the end of the 16th century and successively restructured. It contains prized pieces among which a as a painting depicting The Adoration of the Magi stands out.

The Chiesa di Santa Maria La Nova, also known as the Badia, is simple in shape, with a single nave adorned with 1700ís stuccoes.