Bisacquino is a town located in the vicinity of the Triona Mount, in the Palermo province. Begun life as a hamlet called Busackin, it first passed to Normans who granted it to local aristocrats, and eventually become a royal property.

The Chiesa Madre dedicated to St. John the Baptist is the main building in town. Its present look results from extensive restoration and reconstruction works undertaken in the early 1700s on the earlier building dating from the 16th century. Inside, it is divided in nave and aisles and is decorated with a number of interesting works such as a painting depicting the Assumption.

Among the minor churches, a mention goes to the Chiesa degli Agonizzanti, the Chiesa di San Vito and the Chiesa di Maria Santissima del Rosario.

The Museo Civico (Town Museum), housed in the former Capuchin Convent, also very interesting, displays archaeological relics, most dating from the Greek-Punic ages.

In the town vicinity stands the 1600ís Santuario della Madonna del Balzo and the remains of the Abbazia di Santa Maria del Bosco di Calatamauro, the latter near the Monte Genuardo amidst an a beautiful wood.