Tortorici is a city of nearly 10,000 inhabitants belonging to the Messina province. It is located on a valley at 450m a.s.l. near the spectacular Nebrodi Park, in proximity to the junction of the creeks Bunneri, Capirò and Calagni.

Tradition relates that the city was founded by one of Aeneas’ followers, also founder of Alcara di Fusi in the 12th century BC. It is certain that in the 12th century AD the city was already developed. First being a feudal dominion, it gained its independence in 1628.

In the past, its economy mainly relied on the copper and tin industries. Today, it boasts a well-developed agriculture.

Tortorici has a number of interesting cultural sites. The most attractive are the Chiesa Madre – with a fine façade with three doorways, the central of which is surmounted by a 1500s shallow relief depicting the Madonna and Child with Angels –, the Chiesa di San Francesco, housing two fine statues representing San Francesco and San Leo by Antonio and Giacomo Gagini, and the lovely Chiesa di San Nicolò.

The city is dotted with naturalistic sites such as Monte San Pietro, the Rocca di San Marco, the Pizzo di Cucullo, the Lago di Trearie Nature Reserve and the Cappella delle Tre Vergini, at the heart of the Nebrodi Park.