Scaletta Zanclea is a small town of about 2,500 inhabitants situated in the Messina province.

Its importance is much related to the neighboring site of Scaletta Superiore, a feudal dominion ruled by the noble Marcheses.

The 1500ís Chiesa di San NicolÚ, containing prized works such as a 1400ís wooden Crucifix and a 1600ís painting depicting San Francesco di Paola, and a three-floors castle erected in the 13th century are the most attractive buildings in town. The castle (about 2km inland) was originally a Swabian military outpost (13th century), later passed to the Ruffo family that used it as their hunting lodge. This massive fortress, graced by elegant two-light windows on the noble floor and by one-light ones on the upper floor, now accommodates a picture gallery of modern art and the Museo Civico, collecting old documents and weaponry.