SantíAngelo di Brolo is a town of the province of Messina, lying 314m a.s.l. and totalling about 4,650 inhabitants.

Mentioned in some documents from the late 1200s, it becomes a city in its own right at the close of the 15th century. Its growth is largely rooted in the silkworm breeding that flourished in the subsequent centuries.

Its most attractive building is the Chiesa Madre dedicated to Saint Mary. Its interior is divided into three naves and contains several works of art like two 1500ís marble statues representing the Madonna del Lume and the Madonna col Bambino.

The Church dedicated to Saints Philip and James is located in the old side of the town. Flanked by an unfortunately damaged 1600ís bell-tower, it retains its original 1500ís structure with three naves and preserves numerous prized pieces, such as a 1500ís marble sculpture representing the Annunciation, a 1500ís fresco depicting Saint Stephen and a 1700ís wooden sculpture representing the Madonna del Carmine and Saint Simon.

The former Convent of Saint Michael the Archangel is also much interesting. Unfortunately, both its furnishings and a rich library were lost following an earthquake in 1450 that destroyed the building. The complex was successively rebuilt and declared a National patrimony.