San Piero Patti is a town of the Messina province situated within the Nebrodi Park at an altitude of 448m a.s.l. not far from the junction point of the Urgerio and Timeto creeks. The town totals nearly 4,200 inhabitants.

It saw the Arab occupation as shows its Arabite ancient quarter, and was successively taken by noble Roger of Hauteville and the Aragonese.

San Piero Patti retains much of its medieval form. Its most attractive buildings are the Chiesa di Santa Maria and the Chiesa del Carmine. The former church has an elegant 1500’s façade complete with a baroque campanile; inside, it is divided in nave and aisles and has a fine baroque wooden ceiling; a Gagini-style figure representing the Virgin is particularly worth-seeing.

A few festivals taking place here are particularly longed for, notably the Varette procession, on Good Friday night, the town all illuminated by torches, and the San Biagio festival on the first Sunday of October.