Motta Camastra is a town of nearly 1,000 inhabitants, located in the Messina province at 453m a.s.l. Already existing in the late 12th century, the hamlet of Crimastra or Camastra was ruled by the Linguida family since the 1300s. They fortified the place and initially called it Motta San Michele. Its following rulers were the Sardos and, then, the Lancias.

The Chiesa Madre, dedicated to Saint Michael Archangel, is Motta Camastra’s main religious building. Probably built in the 1500s, it contains interesting works such as a 1600’s marble statue representing the Madonna of Montalto and a statue of the Immaculate Virgin of the same period.

            The Chiesa dell’Annunziata is also worth-visiting. Graced with a pointed and a round arch, it contains some interesting pieces such as a 1700’s painting depicting the Madonna del Carmine and wooden statues representing Saint Nicholas and Sant’Antonio Abate.