Galati Mamertino stands about 800m a.s.l. on the northern slopes of the Nebrodi Mountains; It may appear as a natural gateway to one of the most attractive nature parks in Sicily. The town belongs to the Messina province and counts about 3,500 inhabitants.

There are many interesting sites within its territory such as the Pizzo di Ucina, rising at a height of 1,330m.

The Mother Church is the main religious building. Dedicated to the Annunciation, it contains a marble work representing the Annunciation by Antonino Gagini and some prized paintings including the Immacolata, the Martyrdom of St. Agatha and Saint James the Apostle.

The Chiesa di Santa Caterina, with a 1500ís statue of the titular saint by Antonino Gagini, and the Chiesa del Rosario, with a 1500ís wooden Saint Sebastian, are also worth-visiting.