Castelmola, province of Messina, stands at 529m a.s.l. It began life as a lookout post to guard against attacks from the inland and proudly re-flourished following destructions by Dionysiusí armies in 392 BC and by Arabís in 902. The remnants of a 1500ís castle are one of its attractions.

Other worth-visiting places are the Chiesa Madre, dedicated to St. George, likely built in the course of the 1600ís. It is adorned with engaging works of art, such as a painting depicting the Virgin of the Holy Rosary with Dominican and Franciscan Saints and the 1600ís Eternal Father and Mary Immaculate.

The Chiesa Parrocchiale dedicated to San NicolÚ di Bari was erected on the ruins of an ancient religious building, of which it retains the altar and a walnut carved pulpit. In the sacristy, are a 1500ís canvas depicting the Enthroned Virgin with the Child between St. Rock and St. Michael and a 1700ís depicting St. Michael.