Caronia is a small town with a beautiful sea-view located in the province of Messina. Supposedly founded during the Arab rule in Sicily, today it totals about 4,200 inhabitants. The Chiesa Madre dedicated to San Nicolò di Bari and the Norman castle are the most attractive buildings. The former, with a single-nave, contains a prized vault fresco depicting the Paradise. The castle, consisting of a central body divided into two floors – the first used as storehouse; the second as residence – is encircled by outer walls with towers and has little windows with ogive archs above. Inside, is a rare specimen of three-naves Norman Chapel. The town also retains remnants of the 1300’s defensive walls.


In the town environs are sites of historical interest as well such as the ancient Calacte, a city founded by Ducetius in the 5th century BC. Numerous necropolises have been discovered by the castle area, on the San Teodoro hill and by the Chiesa dell’Annunziata.


Finally, there is Bosco di Caronia, a site of naturalistic interest, once much larger than now, but still impressive and beautiful. It is covered by numerous specimens of oaks, beeches, elms and ashes.


The nearby shore is bordered by beautiful beaches bathed by crystal-like waters. Numerous sea-resorts have grown such as Torre del Lauro, Marina and Canneto.