Troina is a medieval citadel at 1121m height, in the province of Enna, surrounded by grazing lands and woods. It totals almost 11,000 inhabitants.

It was likely inhabited since Antiquity as relics of the Hellenistic, Augustan, Imperial, Byzantine and Medieval Ages seem to attest to. In 1062, the town was taken by the Norman Count Roger thus becoming a major outpost in the Island ongoing conquest.

The Chiesa Madre, founded in the 11th century by Roger, is the main religious building. The front elevation is complete with a bell-tower also of Norman origin. Inside, are three naves ornamented with numerous works of art, such as a 1400ís canvas painting depicting the Virgin and Child and a 1500ís panel painting depicting San Michele.

Among the minor churches a mention must go to the Santissima Annunziata and S. Silvestro.