Leonforte is a tiny village perched on a hump at some 600m a.s.l. enjoying a superb position. The monumental slhouette of Palazzo Branciforte is discernible from a distance, a powerful reminder of the fact that the town was founded in the 17th century by Nicola Placido Branciforte. The building, dated 1611, runs the whole length of one side of the enormous piazza of the same name. The lovely Fountain of Granfonte built by the Branciforte family in 1651 is of particular interest; made of gold-colored stone, it comprises 24 spouts, a series of small pointed arches crowned with a pediment bearing the family coat of arms.

The Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista, built at Ercole Branciforte’s behest, and the Chiesa del Convento dei Cappuccini, wanted by the Brancifortes, too, are Leonforte’s main religious buildings. The latter is especially known for housing a masterpiece by Pietro Novelli depicting the Elezione di San Mattia.