Cerami is a small town in the Enna province, standing about 970m asl. It boasts ancient roots. Relics dating from between the 4th and the 2nd century BC have been discovered across its territory. Other relics from the Bronze age have been recovered from a prehistoric settlement. The zone was the scene of a big fight between the Arabs and the Normans, the latter ultimately winning.

Several buildings in town are of cultural and historical interest. Among these, are the Chiesa del Carmine and the Abbazia di San Benedetto, decorated with an endless number of stuccoes and a painting of Virgin of the Assumption by Rapisardi.

The Mother Church, dedicated to Sant’Ambrogio, contains various works of art such as a statue representing the Virgin of the Holy Rosary.

In the city environs are sites of naturalistic interest such as the artificial lake Ancipa, created by a dam on river Troina, between the Rocca dell’Ancipa and the Rocca di Mania.