The archaeological site is best approached from Aidone, from where it is signposted left for Scavi di Morgantina (approx. 5 km).

The area of Serra Orlando has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. During the Iron Age, the hamlet grew to become Morgantina, probably named after the king of Morget, an Italic tribe from Central-Southern Italy. In the 5th century BC, it was re-founded in the neighboring area of Serra Orlando. Excavations at the site, undertaken in 1955, have brought to light relics of the ancient Sikel settlement, after colonized by the Greek and grew to prominence as far as the 1st century AD, when it was abandoned.

Site – The site stretches on a valley between two hills. The agorà, a small theatre and, on the northern hill, fragments of mosaics under protective roofing are in evidence.



Aidone – The small town few kilometres from Morgantina accomodates the Museo Archeologico Regionale, housed within a former Capuchin monastery. Here is displayed material of the Prehistoric and Proto-historic Ages recovered from the site. Access to the museum is through the church of San Francesco, preserving a fine 1600’s wooden tabernacle. The exhibits include some fine antefixes from the mid-6th century BC bearing masks of Gorgons, lions and maenads.