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Viagrande is a small town on the south-eastern slopes of Etna volcano, standing at some 410 m height. It counts about 5,700 inhabitants, mostly engaged in farming or trading activities. Viagrande boasts renowned citrus fruits and wine outputs. The building industry and related activities have remarkably developed in the past decades. Craft, notably related to iron, wood and stone processing, is as much renowned.

Viagrande owes its name to the ancient Royal way leading to Messina. Since the 1700ís until the late feudal epoch, it belonged to the Alliatas, Princes of Villafranca.

The centre of the village is paved with huge slabs of lava. Its main religious buildings are the Mother Church and the church of Santa Caterina, on via Garibaldi. Both are made of lava-stone. and decorated with beautiful stuccoes and frescoes, inside.