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Valverde is a tiny town of about 7,000 at 305 m a.s.l. It has several interesting religious buildings among which is the Santuario della Madonna di Valverde, dating back to the late-1600ís and annexed to the Convent of the Augustinian Fathers, with a late-1400ís finely decorated doorway. The interior, richly furnished with 1600ís pieces, conserves the graves of the Riggios, a Catanian powerful family of the 18th century.

In the city surroundings, stands the Church of the Hermitage of St. Anne, surrounded by splendid citrus-groves and vines and overlooking a large stretch of the Ionian coast and several cities of the provinces. The majolica flooring and the paintings of the Virgin with the Child and of St. Anne, inside, are as much attractive.

A final mention must go to the Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia.