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San Pietro Clarenza is a city of about 5,000 located 463 m a.s.l. It has a mainly agricultural economy, with outstanding outputs of oil, wine, citrus fruits, grapes, prickly-pears. It is also renowned for its embroidery.



Its names respectively derive from area’s people’s cult of St. Peter and from the Clarenza family. It was one of the Hamlets of Catania, successively ruled by Lord Giovanni Andrea Massa, Antonio Reitano, who became Prince in 1648, the Pietrasanta family and, in the 18th century, by the Paternòs Princes of Biscari. Like many other towns in the Eastern Sicily, it was subject to two great catastrophes, namely the 1669 eruption and the 1693 earthquake, that highly ravaged it. The town was soon rebuilt and named San Pietro; the name Clarenza would be added in 1779 when it was bought by the noble Giuseppe Marino Clarenza.



Several late-Baroque noble palazzi in town are worth-visiting. San Pietro Clarenza has been hometown of the Comes, the family of naturalist Salvatore (1880-1954), Professor of Zoology at the Palermo University, and the writer Salvatore (1912-1973) who was Direttore Generale dell’Istruzione Universitaria (General Director of the Universitary Education) in Italy and author of critique works on Ada Negri, Enrico Onufrio and “Letteratura Garibaldina”.