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San Cono, about 3,300 inhabitants and located at a 525 m height in the Erei Mountains, is a farming village, notably renowned for prickly-pear production utilized for a much appreciated home-made ice-cream. A festival of the prickly-pear festival is held annually in the end of October.

Fruit, cereals, grapes and artichokes are also major outputs of farms in the area.

Founded in 1784 by Duke Ottaviano Trigona della Floresta, who gave the village its current name, it later was a Marquisate, still belonging to the founder’s family. Afterwards, it was annexed to the city of Michele di Ganzeria, until 1860.

The Mother Church, dated 1838 – with a beautiful campanile and splendid high-relief stuccoes –, the Holy Spirit Church – preserving a statue of San Cono – and the 1900’s Holy Crucifix Church are the most attractive religious buildings in town. The Palazzo Baronale, now reduced to few remnants, is also worth-seeing.