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Riposto is a town of nearly 14,000 located on the coast, only 6 m a.s.l., the Etna Volcano rising behind it.



The Mother Church – Dedicated to Saint Peter, it contains interesting 1800’s paintings, such as those depicting the Immaculate Conception, the Virgin of the Holy Rosary and St. Sebastian.

Chiesa della Madonna della Lettera – It houses a painting of the Virgin Mary, a 1700’s organ and a crypt concealing a marine water well.

Minor buildings and city surroundings – Riposto has several other sites of historical and cultural interest, among which are the Villa Comunale, the Palazzo Comunale, built in the 1920s, two defensive towers and the sea village of Torre Archirafi, now a renowned tourism resort.



The city history is closely related to the neighboring Giarre’s. Only in 1841, it became an autonomous municipality. Its name derives from the tithes paid to the County of Mascali. The old village, founded by colonists from Messina (hence the cult of the Madonna della Lettera), grew around a number of storehouses, and in the 19th century become, thanks to its highly strategic location, an important commercial port, notably for wine exportation.