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Raddusa is a farming town of some 4,000 inhabitants at 350 m of height. In the past it was an important mining centre – notably sulphur mining – and wheat producer, the former quickly declined since the earliest 1900’s, as in the rest of Sicily.


The city name is likely of Greek origin, standing for “to break stones”, hence “stone quarry”, perhaps referring to the soil features.



The Mother Church – Built in a Corinthian style by architech Giuseppe Maggiore, from Mineo, it was inaugurated and consecrated in 1865.

The Tower – The Torre del Feudo was erected sometimes around 1700 on a rocky spur. It has a rectangular design and retains its original outer walls. It is about 10 km from town, taking the fork to Giumenta.

The Castle – The Castello dei Gresti or Pietratagliata, carved out of the rock, rises majestically above the valley, as to protect it.

The territory includes the Diga Ogliastro, a protected natural oasis, 10 km away from town, home to some 2,000 birds of over 60 different species.



In 1503, following Vincenza Fessima marriage to Giovanni Francesco Paternò d’Imbaccari, the estate passed to the Paternò family. Granted “licentia populandi” in 1810, they undertook the construction of the new town, first annexed to Ramacca, and, since 1890, elevated to city status.