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Mascalucia is a city in the province of Catania, set 420m a.s.l. and totalling some 15.300 inhabitants. Destroyed by an euption in 1669, it managed to regain its ancient splendor. The Mother Church, dedicated to Santa Maria della Consolazione, is one of the most interesting buildings in town. Already existing in the 12th century, it was successively reconstructed. Inside, a 1500’s painting depicting the Madonna delle Grazie is noteworthy.

A mention must go to the minor churches of San Vito – with a precious painting depicting San Vito and S. Artemia by Giuseppe Rapisardi – and Sant’Antonio Abate.

Some interesting secular buildings are also worth-seeing, such as the 1700’s Palazzo Rapisardi and Palazzo Cirelli, a fine example of the liberty style.