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Maniace is a small town grown in the 19th century – yet originating from very ancient settlements – that became autonomous municipality in April 1981. Before that date it administratively belonged to Bronte. Its economy is prevalently agricultural, notably relating to breeding and production of peaches and dairy products. Historical sources assert that on this area Saracens were defeated by Giorgio Maniace troops in 1040. To celebrate that victory, in 1173 the Normans built the Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria Maniace, that houses a still well-preserved late-Norman church with a 1300’s beautiful portal bearing finely decorated capitals. In 1799, at the behest of Ferdinand III of Sicily, Maniace was bestowed to Admiral Horatio Nelson, who helped him suppressing a revolt in Naples.


The Castle of the Nelsons – few kilometres off town. Formerly a Benedictine Abbey dedicated to Santa Maria, it was turned into a castle. The area where it rises was the scene of a battle between General Maniace’s troops and Saracens, the latter eventually driven from Sicily. The building was highly harmed by a quake sometimes at the end of the 12th century and successively rebuilt. It belonged to the Benedictine and the Basilian monks, and successively bestowed to Admiral Nelson who helped the king put down a revolt in Naples. Nelson’s heirs sold it to the municipality of Bronte. It has a beautiful park with a charming church dedicated to Santa Maria di Maniace. The castle is in an Arabian-Norman style and contains some interesting works like a splendid polyptych depicting the Madonna with San Biagio, San Antonio Abate and Santa Lucia.