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Supposedly founded on the territory of the ancient Eubea, a colony started by villagers from Leontinoi around the 7th century BC, Licodia Eubea lies on a high position overlooking the Dirillo valley. Sikel tombs were discovered at the area. It belonged to the Filangieris, the Catalan Santapaus and the Ruffos. Its visitors can enjoy numerous sites of historical interest, such as the remains of a Medieval castle, that still bears witness to the city’s past affluence, the Palazzo Vassallo (on via Mugnos, at the far end of Corso Umberto, to the right) with a fine Baroque doorway, the 1600’s Mother Church dedicated to Santa Margherita and rebuilt after the earthquake in 1693, and the 1700’s church of the Holy Rosary.


Santuario di Gulfi – Before the 1693 earthquake the city was located on another area, where now lies a secluded shrine, erected, according to a legend, where bulls, carrying a statue of the “Virgin come from the sea” (found on the shore near Camarina), knelt. The story is told in four painted medallions inside the building, together with another related to the recovery of a statue of the Saviour.