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Gravina di Catania has a population of about 28,000 and is located on a flat land 340m a.s.l. The city name derives from “Prachi”, standing for “country land”. Indeed the city grew on a hamlet belonging to the Princes of Valguarnera surrounded by farming land. In 1664 it was bought by the Curia Regis. In 1669 it passed to the Lord Girolamo Gravina who gave it its own name. The additional “di Catania” was adopted since 1862 to differentiate it from another Gravina located in the province of Bari, Apulia. The city is divided into several quarters, namely Fasano, Gravina Centro and San Paolo. 


The city has various sites of architectural and historical interest. The Mother Church, dedicated to Sant’Antonio da Padova, was erected in the 18th century in a Baroque style. Its façade is graced with an imposing campanile. It contains several precious paintings of the 17th century. The city-library and the nice Villa Comunale (public gardens), are also worth-visiting. Zootechnics, wineries and several textile companies are major economic resources. The farming, boasting outstanding outputs of citrus fruits, olives, grape and almonds, is as much important.