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Castel di Judica totals about 5,300 inhabitants and an area of 10,228 sqm. It is a town of agricultural importance, with major outputs of cereals, citrus fruits and olives, that everyone can taste at the annual Mostra-Mercato dell’Agricoltura, held in May. A craft fair is held in August where are particularly worth-mentioning embroidery pieces.

Originally, it was called Giardinelli, for a large presence of citrus groves in the area. Its present name – after the close mount – was proposed and adopted in 1933. The earliest settlement in the area dates back to the Greek age, later taken by the Norman. It passed under the control of the neighboring Caltagirone before gaining its autonomy.

The 1700’s Mother Church dedicated to the Madonna delle Grazie and the archaeological site of Monte Judica, in proximity to the city, are its most interesting historical and cultural attractions.