Milena is located in the valley of the Platani river, at 436m asl, in the province of Caltanissetta. It totals nearly 3,800 inhabitants. The town, resulted from the joining of two villages, Milocca and San Biagio, became autonomous in 1923.

Numerous archaeological relics have been discovered at the area that provide evidence for very ancient settlements. Two tombs dating from between the 12th and the 10th century BC have been unearthed in the area of the Campanella Mount. The earliest hamlet here dates back to the the 13th century, grown within a feudal estate. For over two centuries the city was ruled by the Capizzi family.

The major attractions of Milena are the 1800ís Mother Church and the 1700ís Farm of San Martino, in the city environs.