The Village Festival


Delicious food, wherever there’ party.


The village festival has always been a moment of amusement, of fun, or the occasion to say goodbye to the ending season, or even the opportunity to get engaged to someone.

Of course, it’s the time to eat and do business.


The festival season begins in April, when, at Monterosso Almo, is held the “Sagra ‘re Cavatieddi” (Gnocchi ‘s Festival).

The gnocchi are boiled and cooked into big cauldrons and traditionally seasoned with pork meat sauce.

On the first of May ends in Sampieri, sea hamlet of Scicli, the “Sagra del Pomodoro” (Tomato’s Festival). Nearly one week of feast, where every food specialty is obviously mainly made of tomato, a vegetable that is an actual symbol of the agricultural heritage of this land.


At “ferragosto” (15th August) there is the “Sagra della Cipolla” (Onion’s Festival) in Giarratana, - renowned for the production of the delicious “white onion” - and in the nearby Monterosso.


Giarratana also harbors the “Sagra del Torrone Bianco” (the White Torrone’s Fiestival).


In this same period is held in Pozzallo the “Sagra del Pesce” (Fish’s Festival), cheered by music and theatre colorful performances.

The same Festival is held in Scoglitti, sea hamlet of Vittoria, with the addition of a further show: the “Re Cuccu”, a parade of masks and allegoric wagons accompanied by music and concerts.


Still in August, in Chiaramonte, there’s the “Sagra della Focaccia” (Focaccia’s Festival), prepared and offered in all ways.


In September at Pedalino, hamlet of Comiso, it’s time of the “Sagra dell’Uva” (Grape’s Festival), where people can taste the excellent local wines and grapes, served into typical gaskets made of twisted canes.


The “Sagra del Pane” (Bread’s Festival), held in Autumn at Monterosso Almo, celebrates the bread, seasoned with olive oil, oregano, cheese and dried tomatoes, the typical ‘ciappi. and accompanied by local red wines.


Singular and worth mentioning are the “Cene di San Giuseppe” (Saint Joseph Suppers), held in Santa Croce Camerina on March 19th.

On this occasion, tables plenty of local food specialties are prepared for three personages representing the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and the Holy Child.

The major specialty is the bread, worked and embroidered with the images of the story of the “holy joiner, St. Joseph.

Real pieces of art, which, along with the other rich dishes, are auctioned in the central Piazza, where the citizens and the foreign tourists “fight” to get them.