Sant’Angelo Muxaro is an ancient, lovely city in the province of Agrigento, located at an altitude of 335m a.s.l. atop a hill on the left bank of the Platani River. It counts some 2,100 inhabitants.

It has an ancient and eventful history. It was inhabited since the Bronze Age; remnants of a necropolis were uncovered in the eastern and western flanks of the hill. Remains of funerary outfits dating from between the 8th and the 5th century BC were also unearthed. Outstanding is the Tomb of Sant’Angelo also known as the Tomb of the Prince, consisting of a circular room with a dome and, next to it, a sepulchral room.

According to historian Diodorus Siculus – a theory not shared by archaeologists – here rose the ancient and mythic kingdom of the Sican King Cocalus.

The Mother Church dedicated to the Holy Virgin and the Chiesa del Carmine are the city’s main attractions.


The Grotto of the Prince – The grotto is just outside town. Leave your car on the edge of the road in a way as not to hinder the traffic flow. The route to the grotto is shortest albeit not very comfortable. The site hosts a tomb of proto-historic age (9th century BC) comprised of two circular rooms, the first of which, larger, serves as antechamber.