Realmonte, counting about 4,600 inhabitants, lies on a plateau at 144m a.s.l. in the province of Agrigento. Historical sources maintain that in 1681 Don Domenico Monreale was granted the permission to found a town on this area and that in the following two centuries this was ruled by the Dukes of Castrofilippo.

Realmonte is primarily an agricultural community; nonetheless it boasts a fairly developed tourism that is much associated with the city’s fine shore, among the most beautiful of all Sicily. The city also offers some cultural attractions, such as the Mother Church dedicated to San Domenico and the Tower of Monterosso.

A Roman Villa dating from the 1st century AD stands in the city environs, near the Capo Rossello district. Excavations at the area are still continuing. A necropolis of the same period was discovered nearby the Vallone Forte district.