The city was founded in 1637 by Prince of Lampedusa Carlo Tomasi. One of his descendants, namely Giuseppe Tomasi of Lampedusa, was the author (1958) of the celebrated novel The Leopard, successively adapted into a film by director Luchino Visconti, about the decline of an aristocratic family of Palermo between 1860, year of Garibaldi’s Exploit, and 1910.

The Mother Church – It rises at the top of a flight of stairs, with its wide limestone façade  complete with two fine belfries. Behind the staircase, rises the Palazzo Tomasi, also known as the Palace of the Holy Duke.



The Castle of Montechiaro – 8km south-west, along the road to Marina di Palma, taking right in direction of Capraia, is the Castle of Montechiaro, sat atop a rocky sheer cliff. It dates from the 14th century and since 1863 it has given its name to the city.