The city of Grotte, 516m a.s.l. and about 8,300 inhabitants, is in the province of Agrigento. It derives its name from the many grottoes spread across the area. Historical sources maintain that in the 14th century it, still a hamlet, belonged to the Ventimiglias. Its successive Lords were Desiderio di San Filippo and the Prince of Carini Vincenzo La Gura Talamanca, both members of the Montaperto family.

Grotte has some interesting architectural and historical attractions like the Palazzo Municipale, housed in the former Convent of the Carmelitan Fathers, the 1700ís Palazzo del Duca Vincenzo La Grua Talamanca, and several religious buildings like the 1700ís Mother Church, the Chiesa del Carmine, dating from the 16th century and later rebuilt, and the Church of the Purgatory.