The province of Agrigento extends over a territory rich in natural resources and protected areas, such as the Montagnola – near San Giovanni Gemini, where is the renowned Acquafitusa cave, with impressing stalactites and stalagmites – the Cammarata Mount, Torre Salsa, and the Belice river’s mouth. The Pelagian archipelago also belongs to the province.

The province of Agrigento is bordered by the Sicani Mountains to the north; the lower reach of the Salso river to the east and the Belice’s to the west; a tract of land comprised between the mouths of these two rivers, to the south. A plateau, rich in sulphur, stretches inland to the provinces of Caltanissetta and Enna. The coast, most featuring high dunes with finest sand, has various beautiful spots among which is the well-known Scala dei Turchi, an amazing chalky steep wall plunging down to the sea.