The city of Cattolica Eraclea stands at 180m asl, in the Agrigento province, in proximity to the Platani riverís valley. Its about 6,200 inhabitants mainly live on farming for livelyhood.

Cattolica Eraclea was founded in 1610 by Don Biagio Isfar et Corilles, Baron of Siculiana, and, successively, was ruled by the Boscos. Its second name was added after the Italian Unification, as a reminder of its close link with Eraclea Minoa, an ancient city located by the mouth of the Ippari river.

The city offers some attractive buildings such as the Mother Church dedicated to the Holy Spirit, the Town Hall and the former Baron Palace, refurbished in the 18th century. In its surrounding territory are several naturalistic sites like the Gorgo Lake district, being a favorite stopping place for migratory birds.