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• Walk to the pine-tree 8.00am-one hour before dusk

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Luigi Pirandello Library

via Regione Siciliana, 120 - Agrigento

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Opening: monday-saturday 8.30am-1.30pm


Luigi Pirandello’s birth-home is a late-18th century country-house standing alone and silent in the middle of Agrigento’s countryside, in an area known as Caos, on a hill, amidst olive-trees and oaks, steeply sloping to the sea. The Ricci Gramittos, the writer’s mother’s ancestors, took possession of the house in 1817 where they took refuge to escape a cholera epidemic that hit sicily. In 1944, an explosion at a neighboring munitions-store of American troops caused heavy damages to the house. In 1949, it was declared a National Monument. Three years later the Sicilian Government bought it, soon undertaking extensive restoration works at the house and at the path that leads to the pine-tree.

The rooms, looking out on the countryside, contain a vast collection of photographs, early reviews and autographed editions of his early works, and posters of its major plays. The house periodically hosts temporary exhibitions dedicated to the writer. Since 1987, the museum has been a whole with the Luigi Pirandello Library.

The Luigi Pirandello Library is a multimedial centre dedicated to the Sicilian world-famous playwright, holding a variety of documents grouped into several categories. Some autographed documents, mostly coming from the author’s heirs, are of high interest. The collection counts some 5,000 pieces among letters, playscripts and personal objects.