“I’m a son of the chaos”, from “Frammento d’Autobiografia” by Luigi Pirandello.


The birth-home of Luigi Pirandello – It was here, on the ouskirts of Agrigento, that Luigi Pirandello was born. His house stands secluded and quiet amidst the countryside. On top-floor is the writer’s dwelling, now open to the public. Here, a short documentary film on the writer’s life and career is projected for the house visitors. The writer’s last visit to his house goes back to 1934. But on that occasion he could not stay there, and see it from a distance, since it had been sold.

The rooms display written and iconographic material: family photographs, portraits of the writer and of Marta Abba, the actress to whom he became very close in his last years. A short path right of the house leads to a pine-tree (irreparably damaged by a storm in 1997) at the foot of which is an urn containing the ashes of the writer. Beyond it, is the sea.

In Agrigento, at 120 of Via Regione Siciliana, you find the Biblioteca Luigi Pirandello (Luigi Pirandello Library) with all the works by the world-famous playwright and a vast collection of books by major Sicilian writers.