Cammarata, in the province of Agrigento, is bordered by the Turibolo river to the south and by the Cammarata mount to the west, where are the Chiesa di Cacciapensieri and, adjacent, the Convento di S. Maria del Gesù, both dating from the 18th century. The city has some 7,000 inhabitants.

The earliest record about Cammarata goes back to the Norman Age, when the village and its castle were granted by Norman Count Roger to a female relative of his. Located on a very prosperous site, the city was a particularly desirable holding. It hosts several historical and architectural attractions. Among these are the Mother Church dedicated to Saint Nicholas from Bari, containing many works of art like a painting of the Madonna della Catena and a statue of Our Lady of Miracles; a 1500’s church adjacent to the Convent of the Dominican Fathers; the 1300’s Church of the Annunciation and the Church of Santa Caterina.