Forza d’Agrò is a town of the Messina province, standing about 420m a.s.l., with a panoramic sight extending as far as Calabria. It lies on an area characterized by jagged reefs steeply sloping to the sea. The earliest historical document about this city goes as far back as 1117, referring to the passage of the hamlet of Vicum Agrillae to the monastery of SS. Pietro and Paolo d’Agrò. The name Forza was added successively by a noble family who acquired the hamlet – which had been likely abandoned – bringing about new administrative and building policies.

The tour of the town can start with the baroque Chiesa Madre dedicated to the Annunciation. Inside, it has three naves with a large central apse and is adorned with prized pieces, like a 1500’s panel of the Holy Cross, a 1500’s painting of the Annunciationa and a marble statue depicting Santa Caterina d’Alessandria.

The next stop is the town castle, in the vicinity of the mother church. Due to shameful robbery by private, many of which were local residents, it retains only a section of the originally double walls and a main doorway with a ark above bearing an inscription that reminds the refurbishment works started in 1595.